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Section 52.093 of the Town Code, entitled “Summer Sewer Credit” is hereby renamed “Summer Sprinkling Credit Program,” and amended and restated to read as follows:

  1. Whenever the following terms are used in this section, they shall have those meanings herein ascribed to them except to the extent that the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
    • “Program” refers to the Summer Sprinkling Credit Program established by this section.
  2. The Program is hereby established.
  3. The purpose of the Program is to compensate certain residents who may irrigate their lawns throughout the summer months for the benefit they thereby provide the community by offsetting the wastewater fees incurred by the irrigation.
  4. Any residential customer who qualifies for the Program may register for the Program with the utility billing clerk before June 1 of each year using forms prescribed by the Town. Program Qualification.
  5. Program qualification is determined on an annual basis. To qualify for the Program, a residential customer of a respective unit must present conclusive evidence to the utility billing clerk that:
    • the customer is a residential customer;
    • the customer does not have a separate irrigation account;
    • the unit is a single-family dwelling;
    • the unit was regularly used as a single-family dwelling during the preceding months of December, January, and February; and
    • the unit has not been used for any commercial or industrial purpose since June 1 of the previous calendar year
  6. Representations and Covenants. Any residential customer who registers for the Program thereby affirms that the customer keeps the lawn of the registered unit well-irrigated and Page 3 of 6 covenants that the customer will continue to do so throughout June, July, and August. The utility billing clerk may require the statements to be made in writing and notarized.
  7. With respect to the average of all monthly wastewater usage charges incurred by a Program participant for the usage of June, July, and August under § 52.091 of the Town Code, as evidenced by that customer’s utility bills in July, August, and September, respectively, if the average would exceed the average of all monthly wastewater usage charges incurred by that customer for the preceding December, January, and February, then the utility billing clerk shall add a credit to that customer’s utility account in an amount equal to the difference of the averages multiplied by three (3) or some other number of months prescribed by the Town Council by motion for that calendar year. The utility billing clerk shall implement this credit as soon as practicable after the summer months.
  8. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the utility billing clerk to issue a refund for, or reduce, any paid or outstanding utility bill.
  9. Upon customer request, the utility billing clerk shall reasonably and timely summarize and present all unresolved matters related to the Customer’s eligibility for or participation in the Program to the Town Council for review.
  10. Program participation expires at the end of each calendar year.
  11. The Town Council may, by motion, declare that the summer sprinkling credit made available to Program participants for a given year shall be available during different, fewer, or additional months.


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