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December 12, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes



DECEMBER 12, 2019  6:00 P.M.

Roger D. Yoder Council Room

345 N. Morton Street

Shipshewana, IN  46565

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  C. Arlene Lazzaro, Elmer J. Mast, Joshua A. Weimer, Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Tad T. Hite.

A motion passed to accept the agenda with flexibility.

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT:  A request to fill a vacant Police Reserve position was presented to the Council.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the appointment of Jeff Perkins as a Shipshewana Reserve Police Officer.

Congratulations were extended to Town Marshal, Tom M. Fitch II for 20 years of service.

SAHS BUILDING MAINTENANCE REQUEST:  The SAHS President and a Member of the SAHS presented photo’s and a quote for vinyl siding to the Council for the Farver School building. They also requested new doors for the basement entrance and that the roof be water sealed and some shingles replaced.  The SAHS takes care of the interior maintenance of the building.  The Town owns the building and is responsible for the exterior maintenance.  It was noted that the agreement between the Town and the SAHS had expired.  Future discussion is needed to address the repair request and lack of agreement.

LAND USE VARIANCE APPROVAL:  A letter was submitted to the Council regarding a Zoning Variance request for 240 E. Farver Street.  This property has operated as a Bed & Breakfast for many years.  The letter states that the Council has no objection to the Land Use Variance being granted by the BZA, if the correct business practices for a Bed & Breakfast are being followed.

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing the Council President to sign the letter for the Zoning Variance request at 240 E. Farver Street. 

PAY REQUEST APPROVALS:  Pay Request Approvals from The Robert Henry Corporation, Rieth Riley Construction Company, and Niblock Excavating  were submitted for the Council’s consideration with Work Allowance Request #1 for Niblock Excavating.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving Pay Request #4 for The Robert Corporation in the amount of $98,217.33 for the public restroom project, along with Final Pay Request #5 for retainage release to Rieth Riley Construction Company in the amount of $34,047.18 to close out the SR 5/Farver Street project and approval was given for Work Allowance #1 for the 2019 Street Improvement Projects in the amount of $11,930.00 along with Pay Request #6 for Niblock Excavating in the amount of $83,191.50. 




2020 BONDS – CLERK-TREASURER & BLANKET:  Bonds were presented to the Council for consideration.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the 2020 Blanket Bond and the 2020 Clerk-Treasurer Bond. 

SET MEETING DATES & TIME FOR 2020 COUNCIL MEETINGS:  Council discussion followed.

MOTION:  A motion passed with one opposition to keep the meeting dates and times the same for 2020, that being the second and fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. except for November when there is no meeting on the fourth Thursday. 

2020 CONTRACT FOR LEGAL SERVICES:  The 2020 Contract for Legal Services reflecting a 5% increase in the hourly rate was presented for the Council’s consideration.  The retainage amount stayed the same.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the 2020 Contract For Legal Services between the law firm of Beers Mallers Backs & Salin, L.L.P. and the Town of Shipshewana, Indiana as presented.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Council Members were reminded that the 2019 Quality of Life Award will be presented in February.  The Town received the 1782 Notice for the 2020 Budget on November 25th and it has been reviewed by the Financial Consultant and returned to the DLGF requesting no changes.  Everyone was reminded that the Town Council will not be meeting on December 26th but will hold their last meeting of the year on December 30th.  The office will be closed for the Christmas Holiday on December 24th & 25th.  A sidewalk snow removal reminder was included in with the December Utility bill.  A written update on the Sewer Plant Engineering Report from Commonwealth Engineering was submitted to the Council.  Approval was requested for the October 24th and the November 14th Memoranda along with the November 14th, November 30th, and December 12th Claims Registers along with the October Bank Reconciliation. 

MOTION:  A motion passed approve the October 24th and November 14th Memoranda as submitted.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the November 14th, November 30th and the December 12th Claims Registers as submitted.

MOTION: A motion passed suspending the rules for a second reading of all Ordinances.

Discussion followed regarding the darkness and people crossing SR 5 by the Blue Gate Restaurant, and the lack of a Street light at the South end of Berkshire Drive.

MOTION:  A motion passed to have a light installed at the South End of Berkshire Drive if NIPSCO has a right-of-way.

It was pointed out that should the old Farver School House be on the Historical Register that vinyl siding would not be an option.

A motion passed adjourning the meeting.

______________________________________                  _______________________________________

Tad T. Hite, Council President                                                Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Council Vice-President

______________________________________                  _______________________________________

C. Arlene Lazzaro, Council Member                                       Elmer J. Mast, Council Member


______________________________________                   ______________________________________

Ruth Ann Downey, Clerk-Treasurer                                        Joshua A. Weimer, Council Member