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Golf Cart/ORV Application


Terry Martin, Administrator & Town Manager
345 Morton St., Shipshewana, IN 46565
Phone: (260) 768-4743 x701

1.   Applicant must fill this form completely. Mark any inapplicable box “N/A.”
2.   Application may include all permit fees, photo ID, proof of proper agency (if you don't own the vehicle), and (for facilities) an appropriate bond or insurance certificate, proof of ownership and VIN number.  All ORVs may require proof of registration.
3.   By signing Agreement, Applicant agrees operate said vehicle in accordance with Shipshewana Town Code and Indiana State Law.

Initial Annual Permit / $55.00
Renewal Annual Permit / $25.00
Weekend Pass / $50.00

Applicant Information

Enter the applicant information below.

Vehicle Information

Enter your vehicle's information below.

No person shall Operate or allow the Operation of a Golf Cart or Off-Road Vehicle on a Town Street without proof of liability insurance or acceptable substitute in an amount not less than the minimum the State of Indiana requires for automobiles.

Vehicle Operator Information

Enter information for all vehicle operators.

No person shall Operate a Golf Cart or Off-Road Vehicle on a Town Street unless that person holds a driver’s license or is at least 18 years of age and holds either an identification card issued under IC 9-24-16 or a photo exempt identification card issued under IC 9-24-16.5.

Safety Inspection

The golf cart or off-road vehicle must receive a safety inspection prior to use on Town streets.  Even for weekend pass permits.  The applicant must contact the Shipshewana Police Department to schedule an inspection after the application and fee are paid.  They will be required to show proof of payment before the inspection. 

Once you submit this application, you will receive information via email to schedule a safety inspection.

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