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Town of Shipshewana
Shipshewana Fire Department

The Town Council of the Town of Shipshewana, Indiana (“Town”) hereby gives notice of its intention to sell, in accordance with Indiana Code § 5-22-22-5, a certain 2005 International 7400 DT 570 S&S 3,750 Gal. Tanker (the “Fire Truck”) located at the Shipshewana Volunteer Fire Department in Shipshewana, Indiana, and owned by the Town.

The Fire Truck is being sold in “AS IS” condition.  The Fire Truck currently has 17,032 miles and is in drivable condition.  The Fire Truck has a DT 570, 330-horsepower engine with approximately 1,600 hours on it and an Allison transmission.  The paint, body, cab, doors, pump panels, and side discharge panels are in good condition.  The brakes, radiator, and exhaust are ok, and there are no known oil leaks.  The elliptical water tank may need to be replaced due to cracking fiberglass.

The Town will not provide any financing for the purchase of the Fire Truck.  Any financing must be independently secured with payment made in full to the Town at or before closing by cashier’s check, direct deposit, or other approved method.  Transfer of title shall be by quitclaim bill of sale (“as is”); there are no warranties of any kind.  Buyer is responsible for reporting any applicable sales tax.

The truck will be auctioned over a three-month period (approximate) using sealed bids.  The minimum bid is set at Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000.00, the “Minimum Bid”).  No bid will be accepted except by using the Town’s bid form, a submission of which shall constitute a legally binding offer on the respective Bidder.  Written notice of any raise of the Minimum Bid, or subsequent re-raise, will be provided, as practical, to all prior bidders.

The Town shall receive written bids at the Shipshewana Town Hall, c/o Town Manager Bob Shanahan, 345 N. Morton Street, Shipshewana, Indiana 46565, of not less than the Minimum Bid from interested parties (collectively “Bidders”; individually a “Bidder”) from the date of this notice until 4:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 9, 2020 (“Bid Deadline”), in accordance with Indiana Code § 5-22-22-5, after which time no new Bidders will be allowed to bid.  All bids received are open to public inspection.  No bid may be withdrawn after submission of a bid without the consent of the Town.  The Town reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted.

Closing on any sale is anticipated to be within thirty (30) days of the Bid Deadline and shall be subject to final approval of the Town.  Delivery of the Fire Truck is the responsibility of the winning Bidder and at such Bidder’s sole expense.  Bidders will be required to indicate whether Indiana law requires them to remove the siren and lamps and to hold the Town harmless if left on the Fire Truck. Questions regarding the sale, or the terms and conditions thereof, may be directed during regular business hours to Town Manager Bob Shanahan; by mail, 345 N. Morton Street, Shipshewana, IN 46565; by phone: (260) 768-4743; or by email:  Fire Chief Chad Miller will be notified to answer technical questions or to arrange any physical inspections of the Fire Truck.