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July 25, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes



JULY 25, 2019  6:00 P.M.


Roger D. Yoder Council Room

345 N Morton Street

Shipshewana, IN  46565

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tad T. Hite, Elmer J. Mast, Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Joshua A. Weimer.



FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT: The gear drying cabinet has been installed.  Pumps on engines 21 & 24 have been repaired and the truck that was hit by a deer is back in service.

MOTION:  A motion passed to accept the agenda with flexibility. 

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Council received information at the July 24, 2019 Execution session.  A motion authorizing the Council President to take final action based on the information received is in order.

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing the Council President to take final action based on information received at the July 24, 2019 Executive Session.


STORM WATER RATE ADJUSTMENT REQUEST:  The Town Manager requested permission to hire a surveyor to do a topographical survey of the property requesting the Storm Water Rate Adjustment at the cost of the Town.  Discussion followed.

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing the Town Manager to hire a surveyor at the cost of the Town to do a topographical survey on the property requesting a storm water rate adjustment and to contact the property owner regarding the same. 

VAC TRUCK REPAIR QUOTE ADJUSTMENT:  The Council approved up to $45,000.00 for repairs on the Vac Truck.  Best Equipment found that additional repairs are needed in the amount of $8,759.60.  This cost will be split between the Water, Sewer, Storm Water and Street Departments.

MOTION:  A. motion passed approving an additional amount of $8,759.60 for Vac Truck repairs.

I.T. DISCUSSION:  J. Weimer presented a recommendation to the Council from the Town Tech Committee to create a new full-time position.  This position would not be solely a Tech position but would also address media outlet and communication to Town citizens.

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing the Town Manager to work with the Town Attorney to create a job description and pay scale for a new full-time position.   

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:  Work on the New Public Restrooms began today; they will be located just to the south of the Wolfe Building.  The water main on S. Morton Street has been completed, and we are waiting on water test results.  E. Middlebury St. from SR 5 to Harrison street will be closed for construction for several weeks.  After this section is complete, we should have one lane open to north/south traffic on E. Middlebury St.  The SR 5 South Improvement Projects are almost complete, the last section of sidewalk will be installed upon completion of the lift station.   Work continues on the Water Main relocation by the Bluegate Event Center.  Discussion followed regarding sidewalks along SR 5.  Cost estimates are being sought for sidewalks on the west side of SR 5 from the Bluegate Hotel to Farver Street.  INDOT has plans to put a center turn lane on SR 5 from US 20 to School Street.  When this project is done the hope is to continue the SR 5 sidewalk project in the INDOT right-of-way for properties located within the Town Corporate limits. 

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR VISIT BRIEFING:  The Lieutenant Governor will be visiting Shipshewana tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m.  We will start with a meet & great at the Town Hall visit a number of locations around town, have lunch, and end up back at the Town Hall for a video presentation regarding traffic concerns and the need for the extension of CR 200 N/Farver Street to the west. 

TOWN MANAGER REPORT:  The Town Manager reported that OCRA will not be assisting the Town with a grant for a Comprehensive Plan and requested permission to send out a request for proposals for a Town Comprehensive Plan.  I will be meeting with OCRA regarding a grant for a Downtown Street Scape. 

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing the Town Manger to send out a request for proposals for a Town Comprehensive Plan.

A request was submitted to the Council for approval of the June 27, 2019 and the July 9, 2019 Memoranda and the July 25, 2019 Claims Register.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the July 25, 2019 Claims Register as submitted.

MOTION:  A motion passed adjourning the meeting.

_______________________________________              ________________________________________

Tad T. Hite, Council President                                               Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Council Vice-President

_______________________________________               _______________________________________

Elmer J. Mast, Council Member                                             Joshua A. Weimer, Council Member



Ruth Ann Downey, Clerk-Treasurer