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Streets Department Update Spring 2021

Rodger Owsley

From the Desk of Building & Grounds Superintendent Rodger Owsley

Hello Shipshewana, from Rodger Owsley Street Department Superintendent.

Rodger Owsley

Winter Season is Ending.

Another successful winter season is coming to a close. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who move their vehicles and trailers from the streets during our snow events. And to those who clear their sidewalks in a timely manner. Your efforts make the removal of snow and ice much quicker and safer for all involved. Thank You. 

I have been plowing winter storms for 11 years and never experienced a season like the 2020-2021 winter before. It was more Ice than snow but thanks to our improved salt storage situation I feel we were able to meet the towns needs more smoothly than ever before. 

Spring is on the way meaning one thing Pothole season is here. As roads age they shrink. This shrinking causes cracks allowing water to penetrate the road. That water then freezes, expands, and breaks the pavement. Until Temperatures stay above freezing these holes will continue to form and reopen. The street dept. will be making efforts to fill the holes as the freezing and thawing plays out.  

Street Department Superintendent
Town of Shipshewana