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Shipshewana Fire Chief Update July 2020

Chad Miller

From the Desk of Fire Chief


Chad Miller, Fire Chief
Shipshewana Fire Department

The past several months have been busy for all the members of the Shipshewana Fire Department, from responding to emergency calls, attending meetings, trainings as well as working hard at planning a first every summer festival.  Unfortunately, our summer festival is going to be canceled for 2020, however we are planning to make it a huge success for July 30, 31 of 2021.  All of the members of the Shipshewana Fire Department are honored to serve the community of Shipshewana and surrounding area and we are going to be working hard to bring you a fun filled community event in 2021.

In regards to the regular training that all Fire Personnel attend we would like to give special recognition to Mark Lengacher, Cory Moon, and Faron Schlabach for completing all of the required training that the State of Indiana and Shipshewana Fire Department requires to be an active member.  These courses in general consist of approximately 6-7 months of training and all involved in completing it do so on their own time.   

A big thank you also needs to be given to the instructors that made the training possible.  Aaron Lehman, Nathan Miller, Kyle Knepp, Darin Hochstetler, Daryl Chupp, Ervin Schwartz, Topeka Fire Chief Stewart Bender, and Middlebury Firefighter Dustin McFarland.

The Shipshewana Fire Department responded to a total of 45 emergency calls and 40 pool fills.  Below is a list of the emergency calls for the month of June.

April Activity

The month of June was one of the Busiest months that the Fire Department has seen in sometime.  We responded to 45 total calls and 40 Pool Fills with the breakdown of those calls as follows:

8- Calls canceled

2-  Structure fires

35- Medical