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Shipshewana Water Department Update July 2020

From the Desk of Water Superintendent

David West, Water Superintendent
Shipshewana Water Department

What we do at the Water Department

It is David’s responsibility to ensure the consistent flow of clean drinking water that meets federal and state guidelines.  David also provides timely repair of water system breaks and failures.  Every month David has to supply the town administration with the water usage readings for every meter connected to the towns water utility, for both residential and commercial locations.

David is responsible for daily water testing at the water plant.  We also have a Certified Lab come in toward the end of summer and do Microbiology tests on the towns water.  From these tests, we receive our Town of Shipshewana Water Quality Report.  You can view a copy of the report by clicking “Download” at the end of this article.

David is also responsible for flushing our fire hydrants for the town and exercising the value boxes.  Flushing the hydrants helps to get rid of excess iron and manganese in the water lines, especially on dead end streets.  This process also eliminates and stagnant water in the system.  One of the side affects of flushing is that it can cause a little discoloration of your water for a short period of time.  We exercise the Valve boxes to ensure that we have the ability to turn on/off a fire hydrant.

Flushing the Hydrants
Flushing the Hydrants