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Town Manager Update October 2020

Robert Shanahan - Town Manager

From the Desk of Town Manager Robert Shanahan

Hello Shipshewana, from Bob Shanahan, your Town Manager.

I am happy to say that we are at the end of the Middlebury Street construction project.  The barricades are down, the striping is done and it’s ready to be driven on.  It’s been a long summer, and fortunately we’ve had very few delays.  Construction for the year isn’t over though.  We are going to be putting in sidewalks from the Blue Gate Garden Inn heading north on the west side of State Road 5, marrying up with the existing sidewalks at Farver Street.  This project will be starting shortly, and will be completed within sixty days, and that should be it for this year. 

Starting in the spring of next year the Town will be pushing the Pumpkinvine Trail from 850 West going east along the south side of Edd’s Supply, then going north along the east side of Edd’s Supply, and then going straight east until it intersects State Road 5 and North Street.  It will then push east along the north side of North Street and then go south on the east side of Morton Street, and then into the Town Park.  The town hopes to have this project completed by August or September of 2021. 

We will also be doing a major reconstruction of Berkshire Drive, along with adding sidewalks to the north side of Berkshire Drive.    

As we head into the construction year of 2022 there will be a major reconstruction of State Road 5 from US 20 heading north to School Street.  School Street is just short of the intersection of Middlebury Street and State Road 5.  This will be a traffic issue, but INDOT assures us that there will be one lane open at all times.  At the same time as this project is taking place, State Road 5, north of Town at the Page Ditch will be closed to north and southbound traffic.  A major rerouting of traffic will have to be undertaken, and this discussion is going to involve a good many of the merchants and residents of Shipshewana.  The Town is hoping to have these projects completed during the construction year 2022. 

It’s been a difficult year for Shipshewana and I’m hoping for a much better year for us all in 2021.  In case I don’t get the opportunity, I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  Please remember, you can contact me at any time if you have any concerns, either by phone or email. 

Bob Shanahan

Town Manager

Town of Shipshewana

From The Desk of