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Town Manager Covid-19 Update

Robert Shanahan - Town Manager

From the Desk of Town Manager Robert Shanahan

Hello Shipshewana, from Bob Shanahan, your Town Manager.

Shipshewana Town employees are taking precautions during this pandemic as to avoid contacting and/or spreading the virus.  If you see employees out in the public, they are there to assist you in any way, but they will be observing social distancing and when they cannot observe social distancing, they will be wearing a mask.  If they appear to be a little standoffish, it is because the Town of Shipshewana can ill afford having the virus spread through Town Hall.  We have a very lean staff with very little backup for Wastewater, Water, Streets, Building/Grounds, etc.  If someone at Town Hall were to catch the Virus, we would need to close Town Hall until we get the all clear.  So as to avoid this, we are keeping our distance and taking the necessary precautions.  If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Town Hall at 260-768-4743.

Bob Shanahan

Town Manager

Town of Shipshewana

From The Desk of