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Download a Statement for Payment & Accounting

Once logged in, view the left menu and select Balance.  This will take you to where you can see the balance info and download the statement data.

The locate the Download Statement button in the top right corner.  Select the button to download the statement data.

A pop-up will open where one can select the date range and report type.

  • Enter the first day of the month in the From section and the last day of the month in the To for the date selection.  I date picker will open to select the date.
  • Next choose the Report Type.  An HTML statement and an Excel Statement are both required.  Download each.

Once downloaded open the HTML statement.  Print to PDF to keep a historical record of the statement.

  •  Print to PDF via your normal process.
  • Verify the following settings, you may need to click More Settings to view them.
    • Scale: 100%
    • Options: Header and footer in NOT checked
    • Options: Background graphics IS checked

Save the PDF.  Once completed this will be uploaded to Revver.

Remember to save the file in the following format: MM-YEAR Mesh VISA statement.pdf  i.e. 01-2024 Mesh VISA statement.pdf 

Next locate the Excel file of the statement.  This will need to be formatted to classify the charges so they may be accounted for in the Town books.  Check the end of this article for a template of this file setup.